Tradingview strat btc

I see an increase in volume, as well as a downward trend. if you have already made purchases, do not rush to sell. if the price goes down - I recommend to buy at target is TradingView UK. View live Market Cap BTC Dominance, % (CALCULATED BY TRADINGVIEW) chart to track latest price changes. CRYPTOCAP:BTC.D trade ideas, forecasts and market news are at . TradingView India. Base on Cipher B Free, with added indicators.

Tradingview strat btc

Stratis — TradingView — UK

Thanks all for the feedback. Now, hold strong and allow this trade to develop. The market is going through a correction right now and this should solve quickly, maybe in few hours or days. Dagangan aktif: We are really far away from our stop loss. So, unless our stop loss hits, this trade will remain active.

You can hold patiently until the price starts to recover. You can buy-in, rebuy and reload every time the price goes down. Komen: Let me share something with you. Notice how everything is slowly curving to the top:. Meaning, you can open new positions buy now and enjoy the ride that is to come. Once I am back from vacations, I will keep this thread fully updated. STRAT is setting itself up to be a very profitable coin for next week. So this can be a gift to all us for new year.

HOLD strong, my suggestions to hold have been proven to be wise. Patience is key, with patience you win. Komen: The 6 months to 11 weeks wait it is just a joke, and a strategy to scare away inpatient people. These are the first ones to complain. So, with that said, you can expect this trade to develop in the next few days and it can take several weeks. At the maximum, we will see 2x, 3x, 4x of our earnings, in a few months time. Thanks for your support. Dagangan aktif: We are growing really strong now.

Enjoy your profits. Dagangan aktif: The daily chart is looking great. We are having steady growth. We already reached our first target, and we are ready for more S Steady growth is a sign of strength.

So hold your coins for what is to come next. Daily chart. Komen: Correction: First target wasn't reached yet. Until we start to climb to our next target. Secure portions of your profits each time you are going up, up, up. Take a look at this chart, it is a weekly chart:. Dagangan aktif: I opened a new position with Stratis and decided that I am going to hold this one for long. I want to see how far it can go in Dagangan aktif: We are gaining momentum once more.

A good start for the year. This coin is looking strong. This is a very easy hold. Dagangan aktif: The channel has been broken, now we need to close the day above this channel to make a new one. This is a very bullish signal:. Komen: We are still above the channel, depending on how we close today, above or below it, this can mean good action tomorrow.

This is an easy hold, aiming for the targets. Dagangan aktif: STRAT Broke our trading channel earlier and it is now hovering around the resistance line now turned support. Remember that little trick I told you a while back? When a coin breaks a resistance level, this same level can now become a support.

So there was resistance in the - satoshis level. It bounced back twice in the last few days from this levels. This is good, consolidation is happening with which momentum can build up to prepare for the next run.

Here is a close up of the daily chart:. Komen: Stratis is now once more above our first target, so we prepare to aim for the second one.

Let's have a strong and very nice ride. This is easy money for all of us. Huge FA in December so will pump alot more. Target on chart. Technical analysis:. The RSI is at Trading suggestion:. There is a possibility of temporary retracement to suggested support zone 0. Right shoulder will match 0.

The price downtrend in the daily chart is broken, so the probability of the resumption of an uptrend is increased. There is a possibility Trading suggestion: Price is in the support zone 0. There is a possibility of Trading suggestion: The price is in a range bound, but we forecast the uptrend would begin. There is still possibility of temporary retracement to suggested support zone

Stratis (STRAT) Huge Potential (Over 1000%+ Potential Earnings) STRATBTC Gráfico de сriptodivisas

Criptomoneda: STRAT/BTC Exchange: Binance. Gráfico:1 Día. #Stratis en una situacion muy similar a Waves, en este momento trata de romper la EMA 50 y la R1 de la semana. Podemos notar fuerte . In the daily time frame, the price is dealing with a major resistance around BTC and by breaking the resistance it can rise to BTC in first step and then BTC. On the other . #STRAT/BTC Hoje falaremos sobre a Stratis (Strat). Ativo esta passando por diversas implementações e finalizações de recursos que estavam previstos em seu roadmap. Todos sem data definida, mas . Tags:Btc trader reddit, Bitcoin pattern day trader, How to trade cme bitcoin, The bitcoin ecosystem pinterest, Btc usd tradingview

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