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The weekly RSI is at levels not seen since the December $20k top. This is an idea based on the BTC day cycle. The RSI is showing Bearish Divergence, which could signal that buyers of BTC are becoming exhausted at these levels. Based on the day cycle and the bearish divergence, there is a possibility that BTC will pull back to. TradingView UK. Waiting for new entry for long. TradingView UK. kraken — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost! The BTC EUR should hit the price target of EUR per BTC by the end of the week. Currently in strong momentum, the price broke the triangle resistance .

Tradingview btc eur kraken

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Hello Everyone, I's been a while since i do not post. They did not let me post when i called the uptrend.. So the main idea is on screen. I have been waiting this butterfly for long, i actually thought there would be small downtrend before uptrend but it looks like someone is on a rush. There's evidence on RSI of it. In any case Btc is not ready yet. A consolidation at this range would be an extremely bullish sign for Bitcoin, also allowing room for some money flow into Altcoins again.

Let's see what happens. This is a needed pullback in a bull market. The lower we go, the better for the long run. I expect we will see ATH again in 1 or 2 months. Possible scenario? Still possible outcome. Looks like momentum is slowing down based on lower highs on RSI 4 hours and backtesting previous patterns on the 4h chart. This is not a bad long position price. If you have been patiently waiting for Its a little less clear on the CDN chart due to lower volumes.

BTC is set to slide to around the Videos only. We should be able to run until the Pushing up. BTC is about to jump.

Bitcoin is not doing as good as Gold. Keep an eye on BTC in other currencies. Bitcoin's high probability on intense fluctuation. Hello guys In here we a triangle , we expect that can break the triangle and reach to the top of the target and break 20K of history Everything shown on chart Dont forget Stop Loss And take long position Good Luck Abtin.

Yap, it is pampin again Enjoy the ride. Hello guys We returned In here , we have a triangle and we expect that the price want to going up but we think its not happen because its near to the tip of the triangle I take short position after react to the trendline Dont forget stop loss Good luck Abtin.

DOT has broken out nicely from the descending downtrend. It is now headed to approx. Good Daily and Weekly candle indicating reversal at least for short-term days. Looking like the Primary Wave 1 has completed with an expanding diagonal, and in the motion of Wave 2 here.

Bearish Divergence playing out I was looking at Tezos a bit more bullishly, until I zoomed out. Not taking a position at this time.

The strength of Bitcoin looks to have topped off here. Feel like we will get 1 more leg down to test lower descending RSI Trendline, and from there we can look for the next bullish move. Strength looks to be tapped here and potentially going to start a decline in Chainlink.

From my wave count, this would put us into the intermediate Wave C, then completing the primary Wave 2 of one higher degree.

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i believe that there isn't much bearish momentum currently to take btc under eur not really feeling that bearish at all but it feels we need a correction to finish the wave the future looks bright once the UASF wins through simple wave pattern lines up with july & nov ala could be the year of EUR BTC?Author: Benemos. TradingView UK. Waiting for new entry for long. A big symmetrical triangle with a big divergence is on the way to breakout. The focal point is at EUR. Stay alert, if the price breakout the take-off line and the volume will rise, you have a big opportunity to realize a big trade. Tags:Manual bitcoin trading, Gmo trading bitcoin loophole, Bitcoin live trades, Fxtm bitcoin deposit, How to make money from bitcoin trading

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