Trade bitcoin for usdt

Bitcoin Global continues its peer-to-peer trading platform. Following demand from customers, the company enables USDT support alongside Bitcoin. Tether’s USDT is the most prominent stablecoin in. Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume. Bitcoin Core price chart Trading pairs Market Depth chart BTC to USDT Order Book BTC to USDT Time & Sales BTC / USDT. Exchange ; Market Overview ; System Monitor.

Trade bitcoin for usdt

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I believe that in the near future, you will see HollyGold making an unprecedented exposure and fame, with increasingly amazing cross-border cooperation projects.

Watch Thank you Dior and Kevin for taking time to introduce us their project HollyGold, who would have thought cryptocurrency could link with the vast future of film production, truly overwhelmed.

Where token sales lucky draw have officially begun for public purchases. For more details, you may direct to our official Token Sale Page right below, good luck!

HGOLD is a multi-purpose movie digital currency created to facilitate the movie ecosystem. Nov 6th, Knowing how broad blockchain technology could go and penetrate into almost every industry you can think of, have you thought of applying it to clean energies then? Bjoern Groenewold, CTO of UCA, will share with us how his project UCA proposed to launch as a decentralized payment token, and offer digital payment service while investing in clean energies to everyone.

So the desire to study computer science consolidated quite quickly, and began studying computer science and business administration in Oldenburg in and founded Groenewold — new media while still studying.

He is currently at least twice a year in Silicon Valley and other high-tech locations in order not to miss any current trend in IT. His current focus is on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Thanks for joining us! Kiana: I have learned from your resume that you have a rich experience in development. Could you share with us how you joined the cryptocurrency industry and the story behind joining the UCA project?

I also went with a client to his mining farm and we setup new miners together. Could you introduce to us what kind of project is UCA about? What is the initial ambition of establishing UCA? Our CEO believes that Cryptocurrency is the future. As we see now the huge spendings of the States to support the economy because of Covid.

We could see in a few months that he may be right. I think we will get a huge inflation because of this and will also see investments into cryptocurrency. UCA is a payment coin with investment into clean energy. What role does it play in the ecological development of this project? We sell the ucacard at our Shop ucacards. Instead of registering at an exchange you can buy the card.

After buying the card you can store it in your safe or activate it at our website. After activation you can do a payout to your UCA wallet or let the coins under our control.

So the UCACard are also very good as a present for friends,etc. Ucacard starts 20 Euro. You are planning to promote the UCA tokens as an offline payment method to physical stores, and propose to cooperate with payment service providers to link POS machines and ATMs.

This is just the beginning. Kiana: How is your current marketing progress? What are the promotion strategies? Can you explain to us why you prefer to invest in clean energy, and what positive significance does this have with promoting the development of UCA? What is the strategy behind it? We need technologies which have nearly no pollution. So we decided to include the clean energy part into our whitepaper. At the moment there is one prototype of our windmill which is combined with solar panels to get a maximum electricity output of wind and sun energy.

At the beginning of we officially start selling our clean energy products. And with the revenue we want to do coin burns. Kiana: Regarding the clean energy projects invested by UCA, what achievements have you achieved so far, and what good news can you share with us?

Kiana: Is there any proposal regarding the merge of UCA token in digital payment and clean energy usage at the moment, or in the near future? For example like our E-learning program we will offer to potential partners who want to sell clean energy products. Kiana: The last question is also our AMA tradition.

What are your personal investment tips or suggestions that you can share with DigiFinex users? And could you share with us your portfolio? We hope that everyone will now have a better understanding of the UCA Project, as well as realizing the future trends and why it is important to look at sustainable development on all aspects too. You can also show your support by trading the project directly on DigiFinex!

We ought to be creative with our monies in this age, especially during a time like now with the coronavirus pandemic. How does it Work? Just like your typical transaction in the financial markets, instead of fiat to crypto, you trade with gift cards. If you have a spare gift card that you do not want anymore, you could exchange it for BTC. This way, not only do you save the pressure of purchasing something before the gift card expiration, but also land yourself a potential to earn income with your BTC.

But why? Even at this age, not all countries have the luxury of retail banks, especially in developing countries like Africa. Besides, converting them into Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other Crypto assets enables people to safeguard their wealth from hyperinflation.

Most importantly, the increasing price of Crypto assets has even brought them an additional income source and a novel idea of starting a business. Some Tips for You We always have to be careful with our trades, no matter how safe and reputable exchange is. Here are some tips for you to kickstart your crypto gift card journey: 1. Start with small trades and gradually increase the order limits. Gift card sellers should ensure that the gift cards are authentic, unregistered, unused, and unlocked, and valid in the United States of America, denominated in USD.

Gift card buyers should only trade if they can bear the risk of BTC price fluctuations. With a few clicks, one could gift a loved one a gift card and make a crypto transaction. As the fiat system faces devaluation and cash shortages in some regions, we are glad of the crypto gift card innovation, and DigiFinex is proud to serve our affected customers to share the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Homeownership Costs Are Lifelong Advocates for homeownership often argue that paying rent is costly, but homeownership is equally as expensive.

Homeownership costs do not end with that initial payment. It comes with lifelong costs, which, compared to renting, will create a dent in your finances and take away your peace of mind. For instance, utility bills like electricity and water are unavoidable and must be paid every month. Add in recurring costs like insulation, heating and cooling maintenance costs, homeowners insurance, property taxes, HOA fees, mortgage payments, and yard maintenance, and chances are you end up spending more annually than a renter residing in a house similar to yours.

What's more, there's no opting out. Once you purchase a home, you commit to these costs unless you decide to sell it. On the other hand, when you lease or rent a home, you can always opt-out.

For example, when times become hard, you can always shift to income based apartments until you're back on your feet again. Although there's some truth in this, buying a house as your primary residence is not the same as buying one to rent out or resale. Well, when you purchase a home for real estate, it brings you a return on investment.

For instance, when you purchase a condo and rent or lease it out, it offers you returns on investment at least every month or every six months based on the terms of your agreement with your tenant.

But when you purchase a home to live in, you will have invested, but you will not get any returns. If anything, you will be the one putting money into it through maintenance, mortgage payments, and all other costs mentioned earlier. Plus, a house can never be an investment if you don't plan on selling it at any point. What makes an investment an investment is your control over its ownership. In other words, a real estate investment is referred to as such because you can buy it when its value is low and sell it when the value is high, making profits.

But your primary residence is different because you cannot just wake up one morning and decide to sell it unless you are hard-pressed for cash, which in most cases means you will take any offer leading to losses. Also, when you sign that home-buying agreement, your money is automatically locked down, and the only way you can get it back is by selling it or taking a home equity loan.

When you rent or lease, you free up your cash, and you can use it to invest in opportunities that grow your wealth. Sure, you could argue that rent is expensive, but this is not a good enough reason to buy a home since there are plenty of modern, well-equipped, low-income apartments that'll help you keep costs low.

That means selling it will bring you good profits. However, keep in mind that the real estate market is incredibly volatile. For instance, during the great financial recession of , real estate market values experienced a sharp decline, which saw sellers incur massive losses. What does this have to do with buying a home? Well, you may buy a home expecting it to increase in value, but instead, find that its value is incredibly low when you badly need to sell it off.

The result? You end up selling it at a loss. Keep in mind that some factors are out of your control. For example, the real estate market may not crash, but due to other components such as increased crime, the value of homes in the neighborhood you bought your home in goes down. Such an occurrence will make it almost, if not, impossible to find a buyer who's willing to get it off your hands, even at a buying price.

In other words, unless you have a magical crystal ball, there's no telling what will happen next with the general, or your local, real estate market. So if you are buying a home now with hopes that its value will increase in the future, then you are better off not buying one because you potentially could be massively disappointed.

Owning A Home Ties You Down Unless you are wealthy and can afford to buy a home in different parts of the country, homeownership tethers you to one location.

If you get a fantastic job or entrepreneurship opportunity, you cannot just pack up and go. First, you have to put your home on the market and find a realtor to help you sell it.

You also have to worry about market values, and since you are in a hurry to move on to your next location, chances are you will sell it to the first buyer because you have no time to wait for better offers.

But when you are renting, all you need to do is pack and go. Even if you are not moving, buying a home automatically means you'll have to deal with the community around you for the rest of your life, especially if you don't plan to sell it. For instance, even if you do not like your neighbors, you will have no option but to learn to put up with them.

When you rent and don't like your neighbors, the option to walk away is always viable. Homeownership Isn't For EveryoneNot everyone is cut out for homeownership. It comes with responsibilities that some people just don't have the skin to handle.

For instance, when you purchase a home, especially in an HOA community, you need to ensure the yard is well maintained, clean out gutters, repaint your exterior regularly, and other similar tasks. Not everyone is cut out for that level of responsibility, and if this describes you, then never buy a home. Homeownership Doesn't Define YouOwning that modern condo is great, but you can still enjoy living in it without having to deal with the stress of ownership by simply leasing.

Homeownership doesn't in any way define your success. So, if you've never wanted a home, do not buy it because your peers own multiple houses.

After all, homeownership leaves little to be desired. In this sense, I look at Pfizer stock as a cautionary tale of what happens when investors get hooked on the promise of astronomical gains — even if the outfit has no product of which to speak — to the detriment of a company that just made one of the biggest product breakthroughs in history.

And I do. Wall Street, the financial news cycle and investors at large boast the collective attention span of three goldfish swimming in a bowl of espresso.

Taking the long view is no longer fashionable. Investors and analysts often see such titans as stodgy and stuck. With Pfizer stock, slow and steady will always be slow and steady. All that mattered for them was practicing the right spin and dangling the carrot of easy investment pickings. I am not sure that is a disease we can cure. Pfizer Stock and the Analyst Enigma Even the analysts in this case seem to confound expectations. In the first quarter of , when many companies were staving off a bloodbath, Pfizer beat analyst expectations.

Then it did it again in the second quarter. And it pulled off a three-peat in the third quarter. Despite this, 15 analysts call Pfizer stock a hold.

At least the six who call it a buy tip the scale towards a consensus rating of overweight. As recently as Dec. Something positive, anyway. But since Dec. Year over year, shares have remained flat. The company did a great job promoting its vaccine candidate INO, all right.

PFE even boasts a very attractive price-to-earnings ratio of So what do investors have against Pfizer stock? I see this in part as symptomatic of our times, when investor perceptions can trump reality and investor sentiment can turn a frog into a prince and vice versa. The company has been around forever. It just produced an astounding hybrid version of its F pickup and an all-electric Mustang Mach-E.

Yet Ford gets no love from investors. Here we have a disgraced EV company that has admitted to faking footage of a fully operational prototype humming down the road. The car was actually an empty shell coasting down a hill. Nikola stock year over year? The rest of the world is swept up in the irresistible tide of ESG investing. And yes, the goal is to not only support businesses that do good, but that do well financially. Yet somehow, the calculus is off.

I hold Pfizer stock but find myself struggling to make a case for it. That is because investors will do what they will do and I believe a great many of them have already made up their minds to pass. Even if the rest of the world rejoiced. After that, who knows? Finally, a chance that the lockdown and social distancing regimes truly are going to end, and in the near-term. There is a real chance that, by the end of a , John Q. Public may be getting back on his feet. A return to grass roots normalcy will be great — but we also have the prospect of an overall rising market.

Also resistance level with many highs on 4hr. Take most of profits here. Most likely will decline back to 35 ema. I'm waiting that price can continue uptrend. We can open long position as soon as BTC will break nearest resistance. Next resistance It was developed by our experts for intraday trading purposes.

What does this Videos only. Will History Repeat itself? Remember you heard it here first! Wyckoff Distribution says Bitcoin will go down,don't get trapped. Breakout Imminent!!! Bitcoin potential breakout from triangle. Update on previous idea.

USDT Trading Arrives on Bitcoin Global BTCUSD Crypto Chart

24h Vol 1,,, USDT Buy and trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and more than Altcoins. Register Login. WIFI Coin (WIFI) to be launched on DigiFinex. allcryptocoins.dek (KP3R) Is Now Available on DigiFinex. DigiFinex Third Anniversary Coming with 5 Rewards to Offer. US-based crypto exchange. Trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and more for USD, EUR, and GBP. Support for FIX API and REST API. Easily deposit funds via Coinbase, bank transfer, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency wallet. Aug 22,  · Tether (USDT) is the most popular and liquid stablecoin in the entire cryptocurrency market. With so many exchanges to choose from, these are the best platforms to trade Tether against Bitcoin and most major altcoins. Tags:Simon ambrose bitcoin platform, Best bitcoin trade australia, What is bitcoin currently trading for, How does bitcoin futures trading work, Btc market cap chart

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