Mft btc tradingview

Building lower support. Expecting to break lower middle resistance. If she plays right expect sats in under a month. Currently TradingView. MFT/BTC FİNCAN+KULP+YÜKSELEN ÜÇGEN = NEDEN YÜKSELMESİN?:) MFTBTC, 1G. pembe_panter. Merhaba arkadaşlar mft coin de fincan+kulp+yükselen üçgen . For BTC safe range on alts make sure to check out our BTC roadmap chart! Libertas Aequitas Veritas. 3. MFTUSDT Analysis. MFTUSDT, 1D. DanFox0x7C6. I am currently Bullish about MFT at the moment while EngineeringRobo remains bearish. If you are currently holding MFT.

Mft btc tradingview

Technical Analysis of Mainframe / Bitcoin (BITTREX:MFTBTC) — TradingView — UK

Pro tip for budding traders - Trade the breakout Feel free to Join www. Is it the end of Bulls Party or they are just getting ready for another ballistic move? I am bull till yellow bowl is respected else the bear in me will get back from hibernation! If you are new to crypto trading then here is a small pro tip Long above the red line Sell on rejection of yellow bowl!

Everything in between is a trap for you. Dont forget to like my Gold must have got the attention of all the buyers who missed out on initial bull run but according to me current breakout looks more of a distribution move and should result into lot many disappointed bulls in coming weeks.

Avoid taking longs unless you have a strong reason to do the same. Crude WTI is forming beautiful Adam and Eve pattern and looking good for major bullish move in coming months. Short term crude and test zone on rejection from small over head resistance. Ada is looking good for now and i will recommend to open a long in it once it breaks out. Make sure you use trailing stoploss and book profits as per your RR strategy.

Dont forget to hit like and join our free crypto and telegram channel www. Bitcoin has been printing similar pattern and the price action looks more like distribution. Is it an indication for imminent dump? Do share your opinion and feel free to join my telegram channel www.

Gold is currently in no trade zone and new trades should be initiated as per the levels marked in the chart. Have explained all the levels and if you still have any doubts then feel free to dm me. Dont forget to join my telegram channel www. Bitcoin has been consolidating within a range with few liquidity testing moves , I have spotted a possible double bottom on daily time frame and would like to see its failure before i will open any short. The above chart also aligns with my previous analysis of bitcoin and for now i will avoid to take any positional short in the given scenario.

Do hit a like if BTC made two failed attempts to breakout but failed , yet both the attempts were looked quite impressive and i believe until BTC respects level we have a very strong likely hood that btc will breakout to test targets and beyond. Trade strategy If you are a bull then long every dip with sl below and if you are bear then short on breakout from ETH has been consolidating in the given range and is looking good to make a decisive move in coming days.

If Eth manages to hold the shaded green area then i expect a breakout with possible test of targets marked on chart. Ideally btc should be making another bullish move in coming days. The problem with this structure is that the volume is not supportive of this move. Unless BTC does not closes above the yellow line i expect some liquidation and will be placing my buy orders on these levels. Wait for the candle to close above the shaded area and open a trade with green lines as targets.

Do hit a like and share your opinionin the comments. All the best! XRP has been consolidating within a range since last one month and have given a bullish breakout. All indicators are begging you to buy this token. Sitting at all time low, small volume, people not interested to sell anymore, huge accumulation area at sat. Target 1 - 47 Target 2 - Our next targets : 21 and 27 I think MFT will pump hard in next days.

But in today, careful if it drops below If we can manage a close above and retest, we could take it to R2 from there. I put an example of a scalp trade in chart. Accumulate : Sellzone : Holdzone : Stoploss : Below Thoughts in chart. MFT hit our first Target and went up to 50 Satoshi guys. Congrats guys. Predictions and analysis. Videos only.

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MFT Mainframe looks completely prepared to take off, currently the only low satoshi altcoin which has not pumped yet. by looking at charts its clear that bottom has formed, you're getting bullish divergence . TradingView India. Charts, forecasts and trading ideas from trader KingCharts. Get unique market insights from the largest community of active traders and investors. TradingView UK. View live Fantom / Bitcoin chart to track latest price changes. Trade ideas, forecasts and market news are at your disposal as well. Tags:Patrice motsepe bitcoin trader, How to buy bitcoin in your brokerage account, Bitcoin trader dubai, Coinmarketcap btc chart, Btc 155 strategy crude

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