Democats bitcointalk

Who is online. In total there are 10 users online:: 1 registered, 0 hidden and 9 guests (based on users active over the past 5 minutes) Most users ever online was on Thu Apr 16, am Legend: Administrators, Global moderators. The Bitcoin logarithmic chart Bitcointalk blockchain is a public book that records bitcoin transactions. It is implemented as a chain of blocks, each obstruction containing group A hash of the previous block up to the genesis block of the chain. FTEC is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective trading activities on cryptocurrency markets.

Democats bitcointalk

IDENA: Proof-of-Person blockchain

Internet services and apps could distribute utility tokens, rewards, tokenized coupons, and discounts. This model would be possible only when advertisers and businesses are protected from Sybil attacks. The network of independent nodes can securely store a queue of undelivered P2P-encrypted messages. Spam attacks are prevented by assigning a minor friction in the form of a transaction fee and a decentralized storage rent fee. The native cryptocurrency of the Idena network can be used to transact value between users as a special type of message inside the P2P chat.

Trustless decentralized two-way bridges are to be developed to tokenize and transact major cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH as tokens on the Idena blockchain. The Idena network can be used as a decentralized storage for publications and whistleblowing information to build censorship-free publishing platforms, which are protected from bots manipulating content discovery.

A full node of the Idena blockchain could be light enough to run on an average laptop. Participation in the network is rewarded with minting and can be considered as a form of the universal basic income sufficient to cover network services for example, sending messages as well as the bill for the Internet service and electricity consumed. At a certain stage the Idena network can be attractive for international organizations to distribute unconditional rewards to network participants.

Idena network is fully open. Download Idena app and join the network. The number of nodes is not limited, anyone will eventually be able to become part of Idena. To minimize the probability of the Sybil attack, the pace of the network growth is restricted: Idena network participation is invite-based.

New invitations can only be sent out by validated nodes. The number of new invitations per node is limited. The total amount of generated invitations will get larger as the network grows. Idena core team is granted to issue a limited number of invitations per epoch to support the network growth. Each flip contains two stories in pictures. One of them left or right is a sequence of pictures that is created by a human as a meaningful story.

The other is created by the same author as illogical. Stories are "read" from top to bottom. Solving a flip is choosing the story that seems logical. If both stories seem meaningful or meaningless, the task is still to choose the one which seems more logical than the other and thus would rather be chosen by other people.

A flip is not an IQ test but a test for common sense. There are no predefined correct answers: The correct answer will be the one chosen by a majority of people. Try to test yourself to check whether you are bot or not. We welcome AI researchers and practitioners to develop an open source AI instrument for solving flips. Idena will award the following prizes paid in iDNA, the Idena blockchain coin to the first individual or a team to break respective accuracy in solving flips using with a verifiable proof:.

The applicant that will be able to show consistent accuracy average for 3 epochs will receive the corresponding prize cascade. For example, if the average accuracy reached is In case if 2 or more algorithms apply at the same testing time the prize amount will be paid on first come first serve basis according to the accuracy reached.

Eligible AI algorithms should provide friendly API, be open source, cross-platform and must work without internet connection. AI instrument will be integrated into the Idena app for flip patterns detection. AI should be trained on the dataset of flips that currently available in the blockchain explorer. Idena team will use the limited number of invites to collect out of sample flips for contestants' AI testing.

The Idena team reserves the right to cancel or amend the flip challenge and these rules and conditions. Browse through the most frequently asked questions.

See Installation and troubleshooting guide if you're experiencing issues with installation and running the Idena Node. Email us at info idena. The uniqueness of participants is proven by the fact that they must solve and provide the answers for flip-puzzles synchronously. A single person is not able to validate herself multiple times because of the very limited timeframe for the submission of the answers.

A person who sells their account can simply kill the cryptoidentity afterwards to unlock their frozen coins frozen coins accumulate for each account as a part of UBI and cannot be spent while the account is valid. To sell an account, the seller provides a copy of the account's private key.

The buyer cannot be sure that another copy of the private key will not stay with the seller. Thus, the private key enables the seller to kill the cryptoidentity at any time, and the buyer would not have an economic reason to buy an Idena account. Every account in Idena has two wallets: the Idena wallet and the stake.

The stake cannot be spent while your account is valid. The date of the validation session is calculated by the network and is shown in the Idena app. The time is always fixed: UTC. The validation date will be adjusted to Saturdays once the network reaches identities. The total epoch duration is limited to 28 days. The validation time of UTC covers most countries when most people are awake.

These are the local times for some of the world's cities as of June 1, :. The short validation session has a very limited time frame, less than two minutes, and consists of six flips, each of which is received only by 1—4 participants in the network depending on the network size. The long flip qualification session lasts 30 minutes and consists of flips, each of which is received by a larger number of network participants depending on the network size.

This session enables the network to achieve a consensus on flip quality and the right answer to a flip. In addition, you need to solve flips both correctly and fast. The first 6 flips must be solved in less than 2 minutes. A validated person may miss two validation sessions in a row without losing her cryptoidentity. But then this person cannot mine coins during the epochs when validations have been missed.

The validation time needs to be synchronized for people all over the world to verify the uniqueness of network participants. Otherwise, it would be possible to verify a different account at each of the various validation ceremonies. Newbies and verified accounts must submit flips before the next validation ceremony. Not submitting flips is equal to missing a validation. You keep those coins even if your cryptoidentity is killed by you or by the network protocol.

To use Idena for sending messages and funds, you just need to download the app. To create a cryptoidentity, you should receive an invitation code from a validated participant of the network and use the code to apply for validation.

The number of new invitations per node is limited and decreases as the network grows, while the total amount of generated invitations gets larger. If you are invited by a person you don't know you take a risk of losing your Idena account: The person who invites you can terminate your identity during the next several epochs before your status is "Verified".

Invitations should be granted for free by trusted people only. The core Idena team is also granted to issue a limited number of invitations per epoch to support the network growth. Join the official Idena Telegram chat and follow instructions in the pinned message to get an invitation from the team.

The pace of network growth is restricted to minimize the probability of a Sybil attack. The Idena protocol introduces incentives to prevent participants from buying and selling invitations. The seller can double-spend the invitation by selling it multiple times. Invitations should be granted for free to trusted people only relatives, friends, and so on.

The core Idena team is granted to issue a limited number of invitations per epoch to support the network growth. Validated participants create flips to be able to take part in the next validation session. For now, they can't. But Idena is designed as an open-source project, and we hope that there will be teams with specific expertise in this area who will be motivated to develop means for people with disabilities to get validated in the network, such as audio flips, for example.

A flip is submitted without the right answer. The network comes to a consensus about the right answer after the validation session. If consensus is not reached, then the flip is disqualified. Answers for disqualified flips are not counted. Authors of disqualified flips get no reward for making them. Participants who gave right answer get 1 point, otherwise 0. Participants who gave right answer get 1 point, otherwise 0,5.

Answers for such disqualified flips are not counted. As the network grows, the number of people solving the same flip goes down: In a network of 10, users, only two different participants will have the same flip to solve. When the network reaches 30, users, one single flip will appear in a validation session of only one participant.

The flips are stored as encrypted data in the network before validation, and then they are algorithmically distributed. Flips belong to the class of AI-hard problems. There is no single pattern for flips since they are created by humans according to randomly selected keywords. Flips do not fall under the class of "recognition" problems, which are easily solved by neural networks.

Solving a flip demands understanding the meaning of a story, using common-sense reasoning. The example of the Winograd Schema Challenge shows that introducing a larger database does not lead to better results with AI-hard tasks.

In addition, adversarial noise can be added to flip images to make a neural network result in incorrect outputs. Thus, current AI instruments or even a large database of flips will not achieve the results that can be compared to those demonstrated by humans. Every successful report of a flip is rewarded: The reward for the reported flip which is not paid to the flip creator is distributed between the committee members who reported the flip.

So participants are motivated to pick which flip to report first relying on objective criteria e. Then you create an alternative — a meaningless sequence of the images that you have chosen by shuffling — and submit the pair of sequences to the network.

These two random keywords selected from a large dictionary are a sort of associative hint for stimulating your creativity. You are required to use them for two reasons. First, doing so helps to ensure the non-repeatability and unpredictability of flip types, which makes flips truly AI-resistant. Second, it enables the Idena protocol to detect and punish protocol abuse such as submitting a number of random pictures instead of a flip or the same flip repeatedly.

Network participants must create flips relevant to the suggested keywords. If you are not sure of the meanings of the word, or if you cannot think of a story with the suggested words, click the Change my words button, and a new pair of words will appear. You are given 9 pairs of words to create three flips each epoch.

The relevance of the flip to the keywords is tested during the long qualification session. Participants who create flips that are irrelevant to the keywords are penalized by the protocol.

Identities will be killed for repeatedly ignoring keywords when creating flips. The network comes to the consensus about the right answer after the validation session. Answers for disqualified flips are not counted, and the authors of these flips are not rewarded. You cannot keep flip drafts for the next epoch, because the keywords used for flip creation are generated for the current epoch. All the drafts will be burnt after the validation session, and you will have to create new flips.

Users creating meaningless flips or spam or flips with inappropriate content or flips irrelevant to the keywords are to be punished. Flips are distributed randomly. Participants are not allowed to solve flips created by themselves. Total minting is capped at 51, coins per day. The rest of the coins are minted during validation sessions. The mining penalty is charged if a node is being offline for more that 1 hour with the miner status activated. The miner status for the penalized node is deactivated automatically.

In order to continue mining, the mining status has to be activated manually. All the newly mined coins will be spent to cover the penalty. Once the penalty is paid, mining will continue as usual. All mining penalties are discarded when a new epoch starts.

Every node tracks activity of other nodes when new blocks are produced. There are two subsequent blocks that have to be mined to penalize an offline node:. The transaction fee is calculated automatically by protocol. A user can specify the maximum fee limit for the transaction. Validation ceremony transactions are not charged.

However, they affect the fee rate because of the block consumtion. The validation session fund is capped at 25, iDNA per day. It accumulates daily according to the number of blocks issued and gets distributed at the end of the validation session as follows:. No rewards are paid to those participants who fall into one of the following groups:. Idena formalizes people on the blockchain and there might be use cases that we can not anticipate yet.

Idena participants voluntarily agree to consume ads published by a valid address which burns coins. Multiple advertisers compete for attention of a certain group of users by burning coins. This is an auction: Whoever burns more coins has the right to show their ad.

Burnt coins are removed from the total supply. Newly mined coins are equally distributed among the network participants and then can be sold to advertisers who will have shortage of coins. We believe that a governance for the zero wallet fund allocation will be established in future.

It can be used for the external projects funding, covering someones losses or for some other purporses the network agrees on. There is no private key for the zero address. The network must reach consensus in order to spend it. Let's look at Bitcoin proof-of-work. Consider selfish mining when the biggest miners are getting bigger. As a result, small miners do not invest in Bitcoin mining since it contributes to their losses. As a matter of fact, there is highly concentrated mining in Bitcoin that cannot ever be reverted.

There are thirteen controlling pools in Bitcoin. There are three pools controlling more than 50 percent of the Bitcoin network. Answers must be submitted within an aggressive timeframe.

An attack requires extensive coordination of a high number of unique workers. In addition, since the validation timeframe is relatively small 1—2 minutes , the workers might be interested in validating their own identities instead of selling their time during the validation time.

Attack: An adversary offers a flip service that creates high quality flips using the set of words you specify. Participants who don't want to spend time creating flips can outsource this job to the service.

If the service has enough users it can auto-solve a significant number of flips. The threat can be mitigated by introducing a punishment mechanism: An account can be killed for submitting a compromised flip for validation.

A flip is considered compromised if it has been seen by other people before the validation time. A hash of the proof published on the blockchain prior the validation can be considered as evidence. The person who provides the evidence earns percentage of the stake of the terminated account. Effectively, once you decide to submit at least one flip provided by a flip service, you take a risk that your account may be terminated by this service in future.

A flip service can not prove that it does not publish evidence of compromised flips. It will hardly be profitable to build such a service on reputation since there is a strong incentive to kill accounts later on when more accounts are compromised and the total stake of those accounts is big enough. Attack: Users in an attacking pool share the flips they submitted to the network with other users in the pool before the validation.

This allows the pool to validate Sybil accounts. Assume the total network size is An adversary has a pool of people colluded. The adversary can only grow extensively: More and more real people have to collude. Attack: AI can learn to solve flips by having a huge dataset of flips produced by a big network: 1 million network of people will generate millions of flips per epoch which is enough for machine learning.

The threat is mitigated by flips encryption. Each flip is available only for those participants who solve it during the validation session. There are around persons who see it. The flips that have been used for validation are encrypted: Only 2 out of 4 images of a flip are publicly available to make it impossible to easily collect huge datasets.

You can find step by step Idena installation guide at idena. The private key is generated automatically once the node is launched for the first time. You can find the private key in the directory where the node is located:. Make sure to backup the nodekey file securely since the current node version x. In order to run the node with your existing address on another machine, make a copy of your node's private key. You can find the private key file in the directory where the node is located:.

The Idena node RPC is running at port by default. Please make sure that port is closed. If you want to connect to your node remotely use a tunnel connection. Create the following config file at the same folder where the node is located download example: config. In order to find the Idena client log files, open the following directory in the Windows file explorer:.

Join the official Idena public Telegram group and follow instructions in the pinned message. Subscribe to the Idena announcements Telegram channel in order to follow updates.

Invitations should be granted for free by trusted people only relatives, friends, and so on. You can download the latest bit develop builds of the Idena app and node for the supported platforms below. See Installation and troubleshooting guide if you're experiencing issues with installation and running the Idena node.

Download the Idena app to run it on your desktop. The Idena node will be downloaded automatically with the first start.

You can also connect to your remote Idena node if you run it separately or on VPS see the guide. All builds of the Idena client are available on Github. You can also build the Idena app from source see the guide. Download Idena node if you want to run it separately or on your remote VPS please check the guide. All builds of the Idena node are available on Github.

You can also build the Idena node from source. There are inherent dangers in the use of any software, and you are solely responsible for determining whether Idena is compatible with your equipment and other software installed on your equipment. Furthermore, users commit themselves to a legally appropriate use of Idena according to the respective national as well as international law. You are also solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and backup of your data, and the provider will not be liable for any damages or loss of iDNA you may suffer in connection with using, modifying, or distributing this software.

Idena is an open source project and the Idena community is its key driving force. Every community member should have an opportunity to contribute and get a reward. Idena's ambition is to be truly global and diverse. We would like people from various countries and of all languages to join Idena. If you speak a language other than English that is a valuable asset.

Start and grow a new community in your own language, take your time to educate them about Idena and help them join the network. Start a community on any platform that is popular in your country or which you are familiar with best. Educate the community about Idena. Feel free to reach out to the Idena community members or the Idena team if you need more data or explanations that you cannot find on the Idena website or in the Idena blog.

While you have less than community members, send an email at marketing idena. We invite all the Idena community members to participate in Idena marketing activities: Pick what you would like to do pitch a blogger or a journalist or participate in events by giving talks from the list of marketing activities, implement it and apply for a reward at marketing idena.

If you need help or advice like additional information about Idena or a comment from a team member please do not hesitate to ping Idena community admins or AndrewIdena telegram account. There are a lot of international and national mass media that might be interested in covering Idena.

If we join forces we can get their attention. Reputable tech, crypto, finance and business media are of primary interest. Spotting and pitching journalists that could potentially be interested in learning about Idena is what we need. Reputable international tech, crypto, finance or business media: Business Insider, Techcrunch, Coindesk Reputable international tech, crypto, finance or business media: Wired UK, Cointelegraph Spot a reputable journalist that might be interested in learning and telling their audience about Idena.

Contact them and educate them about Idena: why you consider the project unique and valuable, what makes you support it. Learn more about the journalist you are going to pitch and be creative: They receive hundreds of messages every day, your pitch should stand out. Be polite and respectful.

Please note: We will not pay journalists for publications. They should get interested in covering Idena because they see value for their audience in it. When you receive a reply, provide additional information. Feel free to reach out to the Idena community or the Idena team if you need more data or explanations that you cannot find on the Idena website or in the Idena blog. This may be the right time to email proof of your communications at marketing idena. Please don't do it until you get a positive reply.

When a publication is out the result may be a full media piece about Idena or a quality mention - not just the name of the project, but also the project's description , email the link to it and your Idena wallet address at marketing idena. A publication may often be a result of a joint effort. If more than one community member claims that their independent communication with a journalist resulted in a publication, the reward is paid to three community members with the most substantial and quality communication with the publication's author out of those who emailed us their proof before the publication is out.

Bloggers today are sometimes more powerful than media. They are modern mass media with huge audiences and dedicated subscribers. We need your help with finding bloggers and influencers with high quality content in the areas of crypto, tech, finance, human rights on YouTube, Twitter, Medium or any other platform.

Pitch Idena to them and get them interested in covering Idena. Spot a reputable blogger crypto, tech, finance, human rights that might be interested in learning and telling their audience about Idena. Learn more about the blogger you are going to pitch and be creative: They receive hundreds of messages every day, your pitch should stand out.

Please note: We will not pay bloggers for publications. If more than one community member claims that their independent communication with a blogger resulted in a publication, the reward is paid to three community members with the most substantial and quality communication with the publication's author out of those who emailed us their proof before the publication is out. The Idena community is very diverse and distributed all over the world. It's very likely that there is a knowledgeable and passionate Idena community member in locations where major international and national tech, crypto, finance and business conferences take place.

There is also a lot happening online these days. Apply for the event participation and give a talk. International tech, crypto, finance or business event. International or national tech, crypto, finance or business event. Contact the organizers and suggest a topic that could be of interest to their audience and allow telling about Idena. Prepare a presentation. Give a presentation and get a video or photo proof of your participation and the audience size.

Email a link to the event's webpage, a video or a photo proof and your Idena wallet address at marketing idena. Follow development challenges run by Idena or take the initiative to realize an idea of your own. Immi Malik Calvinpriva Andry Kutti Show More. Member Statistics Total Members.

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In the past, there was an electroneum application and we could actually earn with cloud mining.

Proof-Of-Person Blockchain Become part of Idena

Bitcoin was the genie that came out of the lamp in However, within only the last 10 years, people have realized that blockchain is the next breakthrough innovation after the internet. Idena enables democratic access to mining: Neither expensive mining hardware nor a bunch of money for stake is needed, but rather an average laptop that is online. All validated participants are encouraged to do useful work for the network (hosting their nodes, . Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections. Tags:Cara deposit btc di indodax, Bitcoin trading figures, Btc volume traded, What is the bitcoin market worth, Bitcoin fair trade

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