Btc markets phone contact

Please use our Contact Form to contact our agents and to make a complaint. If you are outside of the Bahamas and wish to get into contact with BTC, please call View our Complaints Management Process here. You can also contact us by sending an SMS to or from your BTC Mobile Cell phone. Got a question? Let BTC's Support team answer all of your questions regarding billing, account information, upgrades or changing your plans.

Btc markets phone contact

Update mobile phone number – BTC Markets

However, depending on the nature of the issue, this may take up to 10 business days however, this may not always be possible on every occasion. If we need some additional time, we'll let you know. During the initial review or investigation stage BTC Markets may need to seek further clarification or documentation from you to assist in resolving the issue. If BTC Markets has sought clarification or additional documentation from you and is waiting on you to provide this information, BTC Markets may not be able to meet the business day finalisation commitment.

In such circumstances upon receipt of your clarification or additional documentation BTC Markets will indicate to you when we expect to be able to finalise the issue.

Once the issue has been finalised, you will be advised of the findings and any action BTC Markets have taken. BTC Markets will do this in writing. Time limits apply to complain to AFCA. Please refer to the AFCA website set out below for details. Skip to content Merry Christmas! ETH withdrawal fees are now reduced to 0. Also, there will be limited staff coverage over the public holidays.

Thank you for your continued support. General Have some suggestions? Once you have selected the order type, fill out the volume and price fields on the left. There are also helpful links to automatically populate 'spend all' volume or 'best sell price'. Review the total cost with fees shown in the 'spend total' section and press the 'BUY BTC' button to submit your request. Our fee structure can be viewed here.

Stop-limit orders are a more advanced order type. Please read the documentation and watch the video here before using this option. Please note that in some cases, an order submission may not automatically result in a purchase.

Orders need to be matched to a corresponding sell order, and there may be other orders ahead of yours in the queue. Waited a long time, and the order is still not matched? If you find that nothing happens after a long time, click on 'open orders' and have a look to see if your order is still open. You can access the open orders page here.

Check the price to see if it's near the market average. You may have to cancel it and put in a more competitive price if you want your order matched more quickly. This is all part of trading. How to buy Bitcoin Once the deposit has cleared, you will receive an email. Volume: how much of the available funds you want to spend.

Update mobile phone number Have some suggestions?

Australia's premier secure cryptocurrency & Bitcoin exchange. Buy, sell and trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP and more with AUD today. You can also contact us by sending an SMS to or from your BTC Mobile Cell phone. If you wish to change your email address, please complete your support request. If you still have access to your current BTC Markets account, please ensure your funds have been withdrawn, and you h. Tags:How do we get profit in bitcoin, Binance deposit btc fee, Zec btc tradingview, Bitcoin trader dubai, Best trading platform for bitcoin

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