A vegan a bitcoin trader and a crossfitter

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A vegan a bitcoin trader and a crossfitter

Crossfitter Burns 2, Calories Per Day Talking About Crossfit : humor

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These are thrilling times for Bitcoin. Progress towards a whole digitalization of life, this new technique of payment will provide a modern? You don't even need a root entry in order to do that. Moneta Markets was created particularly to cater to traders who need to access a wide range of products via our subsequent-era WebTrader platform. It's a combination of aerobic fitness and strength. If you want to be strong you probably should just lift. A bunch of my workers like crossfit and I can't stand listening to them bring it up tbh.

I'm nice about it, it's good they're exercising, but it seems cultish and dangerous. None of my coworkers who do crossfit seem even remotely fit. Me I just do cardio 3 days and lift 3 days.

I'm not super-fit myself, but I get to go at my pace and not have to worry about injuries from those ridiculous exercises, like the fran thing. To be clear, that study is comparing crossfit to Olympic weightlifting, distance running, track and field, rugby, football, ice hockey, soccer or gymnastics. Next: me talking out of my ass. Those are all high-intensity activities, which is a totally fine comparison, so is crossfit.

But I think people make fun of it because it IS almost like a sport now. But generally, you go to the gym to become better at sports. Nobody goes to the gym to become better at crossfit. I'm no avid gym-go-er, but I'll do 3 times a week when it's that time of year. The human body hates repetitive forceful motions, and it tells you that pretty clearly, so it should be approached very carefully and systematically. Even a non-gym-nerd will naturally find their PB and slowly increase on it in a natural spreadsheet sort of way.

But the cartoonish idea of crossfit that many people have doesn't really fit into their idea of "carefully crafting my body and strength". Do you actually think that? What percentage of people at the gym 1 compete in a sport and 2 are tailoring their workout to be better at it? I should have switched the wording, I mean that to get better at sports, it obviously helps to go to the gym and get stronger.

I don't do crossfit. I guess what we used to do in the military could be classified as Crossfit these days. I enjoyed it. But now it's ice hockey. Surely not as often as I'd like, but it's a thing in my life. The people that know me, know I play. But I don't bore them constantly with the stories about falling on my face, or missing this goal or running out of breath in the first shift! I think if I had more time, and more money, I'd do a lot more hockey, and likely crossfit.

It really is a great way to get "FIT" as well as empty the wallet. I just don't know many that do, but those that do are much like the man the article refers to: Constantly bringing it up, like "do you even crossfit? Noooo - military workouts are called calisthenics. Also it notes that it's around a 20 percent chance in a 6 month period. That's pretty comparable to what I've seen playing ice hockey, but its still really high.

Only if you're attempting to do a movement without kipping is kipping cheating. You're basically saying that the push press is cheating because strict OHP exists.

I used to think this. But kipping is just like jerking a weight instead of doing the movement strictly. In a kip, it feels like you use less of some muscles shoulders than others lats, core muscles. Lifters appreciate anyone who lifts. Like it or not crossfit has had a hugely beneficial effect on general fitness in the US. As well as created some of the most impressive athletes out there. If you're in the gym at all, you're gtg in my opinion.

I don't care if you're doing 1k sets of quarter squats, looking like a retarded monkey stuck in a web of rubber bands or dry humping a medicine ball until it falls apart at the seams. That is simply not true. If you're unironically making fun of people for doing crossfit then you're a tool regardless of how healthy you are. The problem is that people start CrossFit and are thrown into arbitrary programming that's based around pushing past a limit that is healthy for your level of fitness.

CrossFit has been shown to have increased frequency of rhabdomyolysis because it ignores any sense of programming that we've learned from years and years of studying how athletes train.

It takes beginners, throws them in a group of differing levels of fitness, and tells them to do this arbitrary workout 20 burpees followed by 15 snatches followed by 10 kipping pullups all within a minute. Ignoring that this is an inefecient way to build muscle or lose fat, it just completely disregards any programming knowledge we've learned from sports that have been around for much longer weightlifting, sprinting, swimming. It's a program based entirely around how much it makes you "feel it" by the end of the workout, but we already know that pushing yourself too hard is a surefire way to injure yourself.

That's true. I feel like if CrossFit held their trainers to a higher standard they could improve their reputation, but alas it is a brand and they are out to make money in the end. I just see a lot of misconception on what amrap sets truly should be, especially with the Olympic lifts. It should be stressed that if your form is breaking down you've already gone too far. Im deep in the excirsize world and crossfit is the shithole of the fitness world and if you ask any bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman, or endurance athlete theyll most likely agree.

Crossfit is fine when you have someone who actually teaches perfect form. It's a joke to most people because we constantly see crossfitters using shitty form and setting themselves up for injury. Especially on deadlifts or the clean and jerk. I guess I got lucky because when I did crossfit I had a really good trainer.

He had been a personal trainer for fifteen years before starting a crossfit gym though. If the form was bad he would work with you until you had correct form and only then would he recommend you repeat it. That's what a trainer should be doing, you did get a good one. Perfect form should always be priority. If your goal is to move as much weight as possible power lifting , static weight lifting with low repetitions and long breaks between ever-heavier sets is the best approach see: all power lifters.

What crossfitters do is mash cardio and power lifting together, often sacrificing safe form and full repetitions for speed and quantity. The resulting bodies are often compared to lego men, with squared shoulders and relatively flat muscle bellies due to poor range of motion on exercises and an unwavering focus on more more more faster faster faster, without really taking steps to grow the muscle by adding more tension.

You could say crossfit has an identity crisis in that it doesn't really have an end-goal for body type, but rather the goal is to complete the workouts as quickly as possible.

Edit: As other commentors have pointed out, the emphasis on speed is such that the crossfit tosses aside proper form for things like "kipping" pull-ups where you use momentum from things like swinging legs, negating benefits from what is supposed to be a back exercise.

Further, using momentum to achieve lifts instead of tension on the muscle not only robs you of the benefit you seek growing the muscle , but also puts your joints at risk by tasking your body with moving weights your muscles can't handle without the aid of momentum. What crossfit does get right is the sense of community and belonging to those that would otherwise not have the courage to tackle fitness on their own, which is why it is so popular today.

I'm not sure what you're getting at with "crossfit has an identity crisis. Same with running, people do it because they like running and getting exercise. The time portion of crossfit is so that you have a benchmark just like with any other activity.

There are people with terrible form at a regular gym just like there are CFers with terrible form. Redditors are born with glass bones and paper skin so their circlejerk over injuries is a bit overblown. Well you could get fit without the extra risk of injury by just educating yourself on a normal hardcore weightlifting or bodyweight exercise regime pretty easily instead. I never hear crossfitters talking about crossfit. I only ever hear people making fun of people who supposedly talk about crossfit.

Not the other guy, but you'll hear crossfit talk all day in the army. Don't get me wrong, some of those guys were in great shape, but some were always injured. Just like anything else, there were those who talked about it because they actually did it and got something from it, and then there were the ones who only talked.

Now I have no experience with the Army, but doesn't being in the Army take care of the exercise part? Sadly, no. PT can be directed by various levels in the chain of command. With different people in charge, you get different levels of expectations. Some literally go for walks. You still have to pass your PT test though, so there's a standard, but people fail it all the time.

PT failures is a whole other conversation though. Well that is really surprising to read. I just assumed that because of the PT standard, that everyone was in pretty good shape. The PT test is a fickle thing. Its a baseline measurement of fitness, but Ive had Soldiers score close to maximum but absolutely dragged ass during weighted road marches.

My philisophy towards daily PT was that it was to help maintain your current level and wake you up for the day with some espirit de corps. I have friends who are in better shape than me outside of the Army from just going to the gym, but I am confident that I would be able to deal with pain and physical discomfort better from physical excersion better. Prior to getting to Korea we never did gas mask runs. While in Korea, we incorporated gas masks into our workouts once a week.

While it didnt help me run faster, I got use to running in a gas mask and fighting your body screaming because it wasnt getting a normal flow of oxygen. Taking it off after an hour was the best thing in the world. Not my platoon sergeant. Asshole threw his back out more times than I cared to count. Still would force the platoon to do crossfit for PT though. If it weren't crossfit, it would be something else. Next year they might be into yoga, but yoga hasn't been beaten like the dead horse crossfit has.

I don't mind people talking about it, if it's their passion I can't be assed to dissuade someone from talking about it. I don't think keto is a "new thing" necessarily, it's been pretty popular with the whole bacon obsession thing for a few years now. And saying crossfit was the "next big fad" was true 10 years ago. It's pretty well established now, and more popular than ever. I just started on this new thing called aerobics. It's gonna be huge once people start hearing about it.

The diets of the healthiest populations have plenty of carbs Japanese, Mediterranean. I eat half a pound a beef at night, hand full of bacon, handful of cheddar and mozzarella, and 3 eggs, plus any additional flavoring. Keto plus intermittent fasting is amazing. Seriously check out intermittent fasting. Terry crews does it and talks about it. I have never seen a single qualified source suggesting keto is better for muscle gain than a higher carb diet.

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